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Tax Information

General Tax Information Frequently asked questions:

  • When do summer bills come out and when are they due?
    First week of July, due Sept. 14th
  • When do winter bills come out and are they due?
    First week of December, due February 14th
  • Can we pay over the phone?
    Not at this time
  • Can we pay online with credit or debit cards?
    Yes, see link on home page
  • Do you accept postmarks?
    NO, nor are we responsible for post office delivery
  • Is there a drop box?
    YES, on the front left of Township Hall building
  • Can we submit one check for both late summer tax and winter tax?
    NO, separate checks for each season
  • Can we submit one check for multiple parcels?
    Yes, reference all parcel/property tax #’s
  • Do you send receipts?
    No, we do not send receipts
  • How do we get receipts?
    Include a self-addressed stamped envelope and submit the entire bill
  • Can we pay late summer bills there?
    Yes, interest accumulates monthly, call for amount due
  • Can we pay late winter bills there?
    Yes, penalty applies, call for amount due
  • What is the last day a payment can be received?
    February 28th
  • When do taxes go delinquent to the county?
    March 1st
  • Whom do we contact to make delinquent tax payments?
    Berrien County Treasurer 269-983-7111 ext. 8569
  • Do you have a senior citizen discount/exemption?
  • There is an application for deferment of taxes (a couple extra months to pay w/o interest) but strict in whom qualifies, click the following link for more details:
  • Do you get discount for early payment?
  • What happens with over-payments?
    Refund will be made to party issuing the check
  • What happens with double-payments?
    The 2nd payment received will either be returned or refunded
  • Do you accept partial payments?
    Yes, unpaid amounts are still subject to interest/penalty/delinquency
  • When will we see a refund?
    Within approximately four weeks but no later than the end of February
  • How do I submit an address change?
    Fill in appropriate box on stub of tax bill or send email to
  • Can I change ownership name there?
    No Contact Register of Deeds office
  • Can I delete a deceased owner there?
    No Contact Register of Deeds office Register of Deeds phone 269-983-7111 ext 8562
  • Can I add a “in care of” name there?
  • Do you have extended office hours?
    Yes, we're open until 5:00 on last business day in December and February for tax collection purposes only

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