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2023 Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report

General Water Department Information


Hydrants serve two major purposes, the obvious is fire protection yet they are also used for flushing the water distribution system. Every Fall the Township flushes the entire distribution system, this helps maintain a fresh water supply and removes any particulates that may accumulate within the piping. The only people that should ever be using a hydrant are Township Water employees or the members of the Township Fire Department. If you ever see someone else using a hydrant please call the Township Hall @ 269-469-1011, and report it.
Due to the nature of some our residential developments, many hydrants have become incorporated as part of the landscaping. It’s critical to remember that hydrants need to be visible, and easily accessible in emergency situations. Every second the fire department spends trying to locate a hydrant, is time lost in fighting the fire. The Township will trim shrubs planted around hydrants to make them more visible for the Fire Department.

Meter Pits

Meter Pits are installed at the property line and are read bi-monthly. It is important the Township has easy access to the meter pit, this is the only avenue the Township has to turn off your water in an emergency situation. Just as with Fire Hydrants many meter pits have become hidden within the landscaping. If you create a landscaping that alters or hinders the access to the meter pit, per Township Ordinance the Township will adjust or re-set the meter pit to allow the needed access. Those charges will be passed along to the homeowner. Also, if you have a contractor that damages a meter pit which requires the Township to repair any contents of the pit or the pit itself, those charges will also be passed along to the homeowner.

Water Loss

The Township operates its water system at approximately 70 Psi, the following data shows water loss at approximately 50 Psi.
✓ 1/32" leak, 178 gallons per day
✓ 1/16" leak, 1,600 gallons per day
✓ 1/8" leak, 2,800 gallons per day

Check your toilets, outside faucets, laundry sinks any water fixture in your home to make sure you are not wasting water. Also, water softeners, make sure to have them serviced. Numerous times we have found old valves not operating properly on water softeners allowing them to continue running water to waste. Water loss is expensive, help us to conserve one of our greatest natural resources.